Taking a Look at Playing Online Casino Games in Hong Kong

It is quite simple to play great online casino games in Hong Kong, as long as casino fans take a few caveats into account. As per the Gambling Ordinance of 1977, the Hong Kong government controls and restricts all gambling in the autonomous territory, and private bookmakers are illegal. A regulated number of land-based gaming establishments offering various types of gambling are licensed by the state, but Hong Kong has no land-based casinos.

Those who enjoy casino games have to find them aboard tourist liners that call at Hong Kong before cruising in international waters. And while the Hong Kong Jockey Club is the only gaming establishment in the territory allowed to offer online betting on horse racing, football and lotteries, it offers no online casino games. However, this does not mean casino aficionados can’t play great online casino games in Hong Kong.

International Gaming Sites not Restricted

While Hong Kong has no legal online casinos licensed within the territory, there are plenty of online casinos based in other jurisdictions that accept Hong Kong dollars and are available to players in this region. As of 2014, the Home Affairs Bureau has resolved not to block access to these sites for those who want to play great online casino games in Hong Kong.

So while online casino gaming remains technically illegal, no one has been arrested or prosecuted for the practice. Authorities appear to have adopted a ‘Don’t ask; don’t tell’ attitude to the industry, so those who do elect to play great online casino games in Hong Kong are not being harassed for doing so.

Let the Buyer Beware

Of course, the legal position does mean that those who choose to play great online casino games in Hong Kong have no recourse to the laws of Hong Kong or China in the event of any disputes with online casinos. So it makes sense for Hong Kong casino fans only to play only at online sites with established global reputations, and a good record for customer support and prompt pay-outs.

There are several good casino aggregation sites that list the best options to play great online casino games in Hong Kong, and comparisons between them quickly reveal the sites that get consistent positive reviews. Many also include a blacklist of sites that generate consistent customer complaints and accusations of wins being witheld; these are very helpful in avoiding the bad apples.

Other Criteria to Check

Security is paramount when playing games, and those who wish to play great online casino games in Hong Kong would do well to check the security certifications of any casinos they find before trying them out like AU players visiting here. These guarantee that the casino’s security encryption will protect the player’s banking and personal information. Audit certificates that indicate the games have been independently tested for fairness are also a must-have.

After that, it’s a matter of checking the customer service channels, because the best sites offer support through instant live chat online. After making a deposit through one of the banking channels and checking out the range of games, casino fans are then free to play great online casino games in Hong Kong to their hearts’ content.