Pachamama Online Slot Details for Casino Pokies Players

Online slot games have come a long way from where they used to be. These days, they are based on a number of different themes so as to appeal to as many players as possible. Pachamama slot is one such game, produced by Endorphina. This game is based on an Inca goddess of the same name. The Mayan era is believed to have been one filled with beauty and majesty, and Endorphina has tried its best to convey this to players. While this is not really a conventional theme, it certainly goes a long way in creating something that players will not soon forget. To find out more about this game, take a look at the information listed below.

The Setting

Endorphina has put some pretty impressive design work into Pachamama game. They have pulled out all the stops in order to create an atmosphere that makes players feel as though they have been transported to a Mayan landscape. The game looks silky smooth from almost every angle and is sleek, making for seamless playing. Adorning the reels, players can expect to find a number of mystical, dark symbols, including the likes of turtles, snakes and dealers. This is all set against the backdrop of Incan ruins and a forest basking in a sunset.

Play from Anywhere

One of the greatest things about online casino games is the fact that they exist on the Internet. This means that they can be accessed from anywhere, at any time. In other words, in order to play Pachamama slot game, all players need to have is a stable Internet connection on a reliable device. Instead of needing to schedule time for when they are able to play an online casino game like this one, they will be able to access it whenever they have a spare moment or two and enjoy it from behind the screen of their mobile phone or tablet device.

Bonus Features

Of course, Pachamama slot game has a few bonus features designed to hep players increase their winnings without having to dig into their own pockets once more. One such symbol is that of the gold idol, which represents the wild icon. This symbol has the power to fill in for any other symbol missing from a winning combination. Additionally, the game also has a purple and red idol. These symbols represent the scatter symbols, which have the power to grant extra rounds to players. However, it must be noted that should the purple idol appear on the third, fourth and fifth reels, players will be able to unlock an extra bonus feature.

All in all, Pachamama slot game actually has plenty to offer players and promises them a wealth of entertainment, all beautifully set against the backdrop of a Mayan forest. With the convenience that this game brings, as well as the bonus features that it has to offer, players are sure to be able to enjoy hours of fun with this game.