Soccer Betting Guide for Internet Based Punters

Betting on soccer is a fun and exciting pastime that can result in very lucrative rewards. There are a number of reputable online sports betting sites that also make betting on the beautiful game even easier, and you don’t have to be a pro to get started.

Beginners can start by betting on a full time score, or on the total number of goals scored by either teams, or a specific team. These types of bets are called singles, as they are a once off wager and rely on a single outcome. As you become more experienced, you can opt to wager on more complex outcomes, such as betting on multiple team results or goals scored over the course of a tournament.

At the leading online sports betting sites you’ll see odds written as either fractional or decimal, or as both and it shouldn’t take you long to work out how these work. An example of fractional odds would be 2/1 or 9/4, whilst fractional odds for the same would be 3.00 or 3.35.

To place your bet simply choose the team you wish to wager on and select the bet type you want to place at soccer betting sites like at You’ll be shown the odds and have to confirm your wager, and when you do so it will be placed. You can opt to place bets well in advance of a game, or you can place live in play bets during play. Whatever you choose to do, you’ll fast find out why soccer betting is such a hot favourite and has so many fans!