Biggest Sporting Events for Betting in 2022

The worlds of sport and of sports betting are inseparable entities. Predicting the outcome of a game or event is great fun, even more so when there is a handsome payout waiting at the other side of the finish line – and not just for the participating athletes. Sports betting brings the excitement of participating to the ordinary spectator.

The coming year is ready and set to be a giant as far as the top 10 betting events 2022 are concerned, with the buzz of the excitement of things to come being ever tangible.  Difficult as it may be to set only 10 apart – there are definitely a number of favorites topping the Top 10 Chart in for 2022.

The African Cup Of Nations

The African Cup Of Nations is the start event in African International Football.  The 2022 event is set to be hosted in Gabon.  Other countries earmarked to host the event in the future include Cameroon, Ivory Coast and Guinea.

The Super Bowl

The Super Bowl is the annual Football event determining the overall champion of the National Football League, or NFL.  The Super Bowl is the crown event for Football bettors and bookmakers, mainly due to the coverage and proper run up to the event.

World Baseball Classic

2022 will only be the fourth year that the World Baseball Classic tournament is held.  It will run from March the 9th to March the 22nd.  Colombia and Israel will be making their first appearance in the tournament.  Bookmakers are excited about this event, expecting it to open up new avenues for Baseball betting.

Kentucky Derby

Held for the very first time on May 17, 1875 with only 10 000 in attendance, the Kentucky Derby is America’s second oldest horse race event.  The race is held annually in Louisville in Kentucky and attracts sports bettors from around the globe.  The Kentucky Derby is a race for three year old thoroughbreds, another favourite category among bettors.

The 2012 Tour de France

The 2022Tour de France will be held for the 104th time from 1 July 2022 to 23 July 2022.  Bet types include predicting the overall winner, the top three places and the average win probability.

Bets may be placed on teams, individual riders and even cycle brands.  Exotic bets are big favourites for this event.

The Tour de France is one of the all time favourites of the top 10 biggest betting events 2022.

UEFA Champions League Final

This is the annual Football cup competition for all of the top football clubs in Europe.  A favourite among Football fans and Football bettors alike.

Stanley Cup Finals

If Ice Hockey is the name of your game, then the Stanley Cup Finals will be right up your alley.  It is a best of sevens series of games, creating awesome combination betting options.

NBA Finals

Another best of sevens series of games, the NBA Finals is the championship series of the National Basketball Association.  The NBA Finals is a big draw card for fans of Live Betting.

AFL Grand Final

The Grand Final Football Betting is the premier event for AFL football betting.  The top 8 teams in the AFL proceed to play off in the AFL, much like NRL line betting.

Melbourne Cup

Dubbed “the race that stops a nation”, The Melbourne Cup is Australia’s major horse racing event.  Horse racing is widely considered to be the all time favourite sport in the world of sports betting.