Horse Racing Bets Odds Online With Biggest Win Ever

Horse racing bets are very common in Australia and New Zealand. This is largely because many consider Australia to be the horse capital of the world. Many consider that Australia produces the best horse breeds in the world, and many of the most prestigious horse racing events are also held on the content.

It is, therefore, logical that Australia and nearby neighbour New Zealand have a vested interest in horse racing bets.

Since the rise in popularity of online bookmakers, bet making can now be done entirely online. New Zealand bettors can place bets via websites on horse racing events that occur in Australia. These websites can be accessed via mobile phone, laptop, or home computer. Bets can be placed in just moments of time, and winnings will be delivered directly to the account at that website. It has never been easier to get in on the bet making action as a New Zealand resident.

Horse Racing Bets Explained

Horse racing events are generally fixed odds, and races are held in controlled handicapped conditions. Fixed odds mean that horses in a race are assigned odds that were decided by the bookmaker. These odds appear as 1/10, or something similar, and give an indication of not only how likely the horse is to win, but also what the payout will be if a bet succeeds on that horse. In the case of 1/10 the horse is less likely to win, but the payouts are great. A bet of $100 on 1/10 odds will result in a $1,000 payout.

It is important to keep in mind the handicap conditions of controlled horse racing. Handicap races mean that faster, more likely to win horses will have had weights attached to their saddle. In this fashion the race is more balanced and fair, without any clear winners. This keeps the greyhound bets making interesting and exciting. It always important to keep these handicap conditions in mind when making horse racing bets.

Group Horse Racing Bets

It is possible to place horse racing bets on just a single horse to win, but group betting options are also available at online bet makers. A group bet means that more than one horse can be indicated to be the potential winner. A bet may be placed on three horses, for example, with final positions predicted for all three horses. If any of these horse come in the top three a payout of a certain amount is made, although not as big a payout f the horse’s final positions are predicted incorrectly. The smaller payout will help cover the initial costs of the bet.

See what horse racing betting options are offered at your favourite bookmaker, and be sure to do a bit of research on the horses in a race before committing any money. Many race horses have long, well documented histories that will help decide when it comes time to commit money. Also note that online discussion groups are dedicated to discussing horses and predicting where they might place in an up and coming race.