The Features of Ultimate Super Reels Slot Explained Online

Features of Ultimate Super Reels Slot

There are thousands of different slot games available online, and players will find every type they can possibly think of. With that in mind, there are still many players who prefer a much more traditional type of online slot, one that is similar in many ways to the physical slot machines present in casinos today.

This is where Ultimate Super Reels Slot comes in. This slot, powered by iSoftware, features more of the traditional aspects you’d find in any regular slot machine, but Ultimate Super Reels Slot is still unique in many ways. Bright and extremely colourful, and set within the background of a physical casino, many wouldn’t be mistaken for feeling like they are sitting in a real casino playing a classic slot.

Ultimate Super Reels Slot Gameplay

What makes Ultimate Super Reels Slot differ from most slots on the web however, are the different mechanics linked to the reels. The game itself can be split into three smaller games, and each one has its own prizes.

Essentially, players are able to choose how many reels they would like active at any given time. The purple line bet option at the bottom starts at 1 and goes up to 15, and at certain numbers, more reels will become unlocked. The first three are always available to play, but once the line bet is up to 10, the fourth reel will unlock. The fifth reel will unlock once the line bet is at a maximum of 15. Players can choose how many reels they want to unlock, and can choose to just play the regular 3, or unlock more. Every reel that is unlocked increases the chances of winning. Additionally, with the fifth reel in play, the multiplier and jackpot are unlocked. Players can choose to increase the risk of the bet by increasing the total bet amount, but this also means that there are more features available.

The fourth reel has the chance of landing any of the symbols marked as +50, +150, +750, and +1000. Landing any of these will instantly award online real money slots player with that amount in coins as winnings.

The fifth reel, on the other hand, contains a number of multiplier symbols, starting at 2x and going up to 10x. These symbols will multiply any win amount on that specific spin.

Ultimate Super Reels Online Slot Gameplay

The general mechanics are the same as most slot games, where players can choose their coin value, and the amount of paylines active. There are three options to start rounds, with the spin being the first where players need to click it manually for every round. Next are the auto spin and max bet buttons, where the auto spin spins reels automatically, and the max bet spins the reels with all betting options maxed out.

Ultimate Super Reels Slot Jackpots

Ultimate Super Reels Slot features a progressive jackpot, where the biggest winnings in the game can be earned. The jackpot is triggered when three of the Ultimate Super Reel symbols are landed during any spin, as well as the +1000 and 10x multiplier symbols.

Slot in Conclusion

Comparing to most pokies at Mac casino AU, this slot is ultimately three different slot games all in one, and can be changed to however the player likes. There are massive wins at stake, and whether the player hits the big jackpot or not, fans of traditional slot games will find Ultimate Super Reels Slot an enjoyable experience.