Fascination with the Big Spinning Wheel

The roulette wheel has become a very common game in casino’s across the globe. Some take their chances to bet while several spectators stand around in awe as they watch the spinning wheel and ball wondering where it might land. The fascination with this wheel began as soon as it was invented even though in the beginning it was actually created by Blaise Pascal when trying to invent a perpetual motion machine. From here, the exact wheel used today has been said to be created from fusing various games such as the Roly-Poly and English game using a wheel and other board games from Italy such as the Hoca. The very first roulette wheel was seen in France during the 18th century.

It is hard to believe that the game you see in casino’s today is the same game that was played in Paris in 1796. Of course, a few chances have been made but not the way the game is played. In the beginning the zero was red and the double zero was black. To stop all the confusion, the zero and double zero were changed to green. There was even a slot for an American eagle on early versions which is now no longer used on any of the wheels. Other changes such as placing the spinning on top of a table to avoid cheating began in the United States, which then brought about what is known today as American Roulette.

The major Differences between European and American

The European wheel does not have the double 0 which is the main difference. This means that the European wheel has 18 numbers with 36 black and red numbers and 1 green number whereas the American wheel has 36 black and red numbers but 2 green numbers.

Since the American wheel has that double 0, the house edge is close to double that of the European wheel, which gives Europeans better odds of winning.

The order of numbers placed on the wheels are also quite different even though the same numbers are used except for the double 0.

The betting is a bit different as well. The European game allows what is known as call bets that will cover certain sections on the wheel. The American game only allows a five number bet.

You may not believe it is a big deal as both games are played the same; however, the odds of winning are greater with the European wheel. An example of this is that if you placed an even bet on red or black the odds of winning at an American table would be 47.4 percent while on a European table your odds go up to 48.6 percent. Maybe not much difference however, it is when you are playing a game of luck.

Of course, if you go to a casino in person, you will have to play whatever game is there, but there are many possibilities when you try an online casino. You do have options online that are not available offline according to the country you call home.