Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Game Betting Tips

The truth of the matter is that there is no such thing as a safe Counter-Strike: Global Offensive game, and no team is guaranteed a win. The underdog always has a chance to win the match, because a large part of what makes Counter-Strike so much fun to play and bet on is that any round can totally change the game. Although CS:GO betting tips can certainly help, there is only so much that they can do, and gamblers must remain aware of the inherent risk that comes along with betting whenever they enter the real money fray.

Counter-Strike Betting Types for Players to Enjoy

Bettors who are somewhat confident in a team, and feel as certain as they can about them taking the win after reviewing multiple sources, including CS:GO betting tips, then they should go ahead and lay a medium bet on the team. These kinds of wagers are the best choice for odds that fall around 60%, and they combine an average amount of risk with an intermediate-sized reward.

CS:GO betting tips will often recommend low bets for cases where the underdog has a better-than-usual chance of winning, but still remain the second-best team. These bets are usually known as ICBs, or inventory cleaner bets, and this is because it is recommended that players risk inventory items that they are not particularly attached to on the wager. The reason these bets are recommended at all is that because the odds are as high as 90%, and unwanted items are the only things that can be lost, an unsuccessful bet does not do so much harm, but a winning one pays out enormously.

Putting CS:GO Betting Tips to Their Best Use

CS:GO Australian eSports betting guide will generally recommend the same thing as far as general betting is concerned, while the predictions for specific outcomes will necessarily vary greatly from day to day. One of the most common pieces of advice to be found online for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive betting is that, when placing multiple bets, this should be done in a manner that makes it the most likely that the bettor will emerge with a profit in hand. This is the most common method of making money of CS:GO games, and it is a very popular practice.

In an example where a bettor has a total of $10 that he or she wishes to spend and the line-up is as follows CS:GO betting tips may look like this:

  • 75% – 25%: iBuyPower versus Savage

The player has done the required research and is relatively confident that iBuyPower will emerge victorious. A $4 bet is placed on this match, which would effect a $1 payout

  • 83% – 17%: Cloud 9 versus NetCode

The player has done the necessary research and is almost certain that Cloud 9 will be the winners. However, NetCode does stand a chance, and in the player’s opinion their actual odds should be at around 30%. The player thus places a $1 bet for a $4.50 reward

  • 76% – 24%: Fnatic versus LDLC

The player, having done his or her research, is fairly confident that Fnatic will take this game. Multiple sources have been checked in order to confirm this, and so a $6 bet is placed on that outcome

This is the best way to set up bets at, and although this group has been customised to reflect a $10 budget, it can be adjusted in order to take the player’s profit requirements into account.