An In-Depth Look at Mobile Casinos

Although mobile casinos may seem like a pretty new concept to many, they’ve actually been around for quite a while. The difference is, connection speeds, mobile technology and processing power have improved greatly and the smartphones and tablets we have available to us are now more than capable of handling the fast pace and vivid animations characteristic of online casino games.

The world of mobile gaming is constantly evolving and improvements are cropping up all the time. The rapid development of mobile tech goes hand in hand with these improvements and as newer, more efficient devices are released, so too are games that run smoothly and offer a realistic experience to all who enjoy them. We’ve come a very long way from the days of Nokia’s Snake game being considered hi-tech and the mobile casino games available at top Canadian online casinos are simply astounding when compared.

Stepping Back in Time

One of the forerunners in the mobile gaming industry was Playtech, a name well known online for creating innovative casino games. This brand was responsible for developing one of the first mobile gaming platforms in 2005 and today offer a vast selection of casino games compatible with most mobile OS, as well as powering mobile poker rooms, bingo and online betting. A number of respectable online casinos have integrated Playtech’s mobile software to run concurrently and offer easy access to an array of exceptional entertainment.

Another name that’s instantly recognisable is Microgaming and this online casino developer is credited with being the best in the world. They too were one of the forerunners in the mobile casino world and partnered with a division of Spiral Solutions Ltd to launch their mobile platform branded as Spin3. Some of the world’s biggest online casinos now make use of the Spin3 platform and Microgaming remains a trailblazing, pioneering developer that offers the very best in online entertainment on the go. Their software is compatible with almost any smartphone and tablet, giving it an added advantage, and their superb selection of optimised games continues to grow.

Mobile-Ready Gaming

Some online casino games are launched as mobile ready, whilst others need to be adapted or optimised to run on specific operating systems. Initially Flash based games were problematic as they did not run smoothly on some operating systems, but the changeover to HTML 5 alleviated this issue and allowed for smooth, seamless gaming on the move. Classic casino favourites are readily available and roulette,, baccarat and craps can all be enjoyed in the palm of your hand. Additionally, video poker and other more contemporary games are also featured and players can pick their favourites with ease. Slots remain the most popular however, and there are an abundance of high profile titles optimised for mobile, with regular new releases on offer all the time.

Mobile technology continues to develop at a rapid pace and Canadians can benefit from the giant leaps forward that have been made over the last decade. With more and more players opting for gaming on the go and discovering just how versatile and convenient it can be; the future of online casinos looks set to be portable.