Advantages of Instant Mobile Scratch Cards

One of the most popular lottery style games to play on a mobile device is instant mobile scratchies because the games boasts simplicity and immediate wins. Leading software developers are able to create highly entertaining themes and interactive game features that are enhanced by the brilliance of the innovative operating systems of the various mobile devices.

There are a variety of betting levels with instant mobile scratchies that offer higher pay out percentages than the real life scratch cards. With mobile devices being portable, players can play at any time, no matter where they are. In order to guarantee that the scratch cards are legitimate with real chances of potential wins, players need to play at only reputable sites. Many of these sites offer incredibly generous start up or welcome bonuses.

Playing Instant Scratch Cards on Mobile

There is a variety of different instant mobile scratchies. There is the more traditional types of scratch cards where the players need to reveal three matching symbols anywhere on the cards in order to win a prize. Other types of instant mobile scratchies require stricter guidelines where three symbols need to be revealed in a consecutive row. These rows can win on horizontal, vertical or diagonal lines.

The prizes that one can win from one specific scratch card can be directly influenced by what the price of the card is, bigger jackpots are produced from higher priced scratch cards. There are a number of scratch cards that offer jackpots which are guaranteed regardless of the price of the card. The results of the instant mobile scratchies are determined by a random number generator to ensure that all the different scratch cards have a fair winning potential and each card offers new and different results.

Leading Mobile Devices for Instant Scratchies

The various operating systems that mobile devices offer make playing instant mobile scratchies safer with the high security they offer. There are many more endless opportunities to choosing a mobile device as a platform as they boast far reaching internet connectivity. This allows players to enjoy scratch cards almost anywhere in the world. iPhones, iPads, Android smartphones and tablets all offer amazing capabilities.

There are plenty of downloadable applications that are specifically made to be compatible with the various devices but there are also options for players to play scratch cards directly in the mobile devices web browser.

Special Features of Instant Mobile Scratchies

When playing instant mobile scratchies, online casino Dubai players can look out for some interesting functions that are not necessarily available for playing real life scratch cards. Most of the software developed scratch card games come with a scratch all function. This allows the play to speed up by instantly revealing all the symbols on the card.

Players have the ability to choose which card they would like to play. The selection of games will still fall under the same theme or specific scratch card game but they will have the chance to pick a card of their choice. Themes, graphics and interactive features come in abundance and add some excitement to the game. Some of the scratch cards have special add on games that resemble the slots bonus features. Players may come across a gamble feature will allow them to double the winnings with a coin toss or a symbol that may trigger a free scratch card.